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Madness Day

2012-09-22 18:37:17 by erixs

I released 'madness revisited' a week ago, so it's pretty old news, but since it's madness day today, I'd like to remind people to check it out:

Madness Revisited

2012-09-15 08:12:42 by erixs

First flash in ages and even longer since I released a madness inspired one, check it out :D

Madness Revisited

new flash

2012-08-14 18:08:31 by erixs

... new flash to be released in one to two weeks ... :)

Hi guys,

Just found out that an artwork was submitted inspired by my flash Past Madness which is pretty awesome. Tarantulakid96 did a great job, check it out here: 6/past-madness. Hope it is ok that I use it as my pic.

Unrelated to this, I have submitted a new iPhone App to the App Store and though I would advertise it here by posting a link to it: a/viewSoftware?id=541682647&pageNumber=0&sortOrd ering=1&type=Purple+Software&mt=8.
The purpose of the app is to keep track of Tv Shows and mark what episodes you have seen and what episodes is coming up. I'm really proud of it and it's free so there is no reason why you should't check it out :) Thanks.

Take care, guys!

long time no see...

2011-06-03 19:41:27 by erixs

hello guys. long time no see as the title suggests.
haven't been up to much flash for a while as can be confirmed by my last post which was done in april 2010.

however I'm going to release something now and it will be release tomorrow to be exact which is pretty nice. this is another HI episode which has been in production since october and which has finally been completed. there are only some minor tweaks to be done and late tomorrow i will submit it for your approval.

see you then.
best regards

madness for everyone

2010-04-13 06:56:35 by erixs

hi guys

been up to some flashing lately and am working on a new madness flash at the moment. hope it won't take too long before it comes out but i've just started so you can't expected it any time soon.

been of madness for awhile but felt the urge to do some and it will be great. will try keep you posted.

take care for now

Hyperbolic Identity

2010-03-11 16:25:57 by erixs

hi all.

been working on a new flash for the past few days on a collaboration project named hyperbolic identity. this project is something i have wanted to do for a while but never got the chance to so i'm real glad that i finally can show something fully produced and ready to be released in this type of format. the project is already in the post production phase and there is only some cleaning up and music to be added so i expect it to be released next week.

so look out for it.
have a nice one. /mattias

l&a released...

2009-08-05 11:49:17 by erixs

so the new episode of leek & avokado is released and i'm very happy with it so check it out.

am now in the stage where i'm looking for a new project to start on. i want to do something completely new with my next flash so you won't be seeing me do another madness or the next l&a for a while. i'll figure out what i wanna do, have some ideas that i want to explore but won't go further into that right now.

by the way, curb your enthusiasm is returning this fall after two years off-the-air :P pretty, pretty, pretty excited actually 'cause that's a good show people so take a note.

and on that note, i sign off!

as good as finished.

2009-07-29 10:35:06 by erixs

"leek & avokado: III" is as good as finished. now there's just some sounds to be added and some music and such plus i've got some speech bubbles to animate but after that i will be done with it.

I've animated a good 6290 frames so far, my biggest project yet i believe but then l&a is not that hard to animate so it isn't that much really. but it will still be about 4 minutes so that is nice.

keep a look out. it will be released soon, i think!

Leek & Avokado

2009-07-26 07:46:08 by erixs

yay, they're back :P

i've worked on the next episode of leek & avokado for a few days now and have done a pretty good 1 and a half minute so far. i am planning to make it 3 minutes and will have it finished soon so look out for it.

i'll hope you'll enjoy it when it comes out and give me some good feedback to encourage me to do more of 'em because they're fun to do.

so i'll see ya!

Leek & Avokado