l&a released...

2009-08-05 11:49:17 by erixs

so the new episode of leek & avokado is released and i'm very happy with it so check it out.

am now in the stage where i'm looking for a new project to start on. i want to do something completely new with my next flash so you won't be seeing me do another madness or the next l&a for a while. i'll figure out what i wanna do, have some ideas that i want to explore but won't go further into that right now.

by the way, curb your enthusiasm is returning this fall after two years off-the-air :P pretty, pretty, pretty excited actually 'cause that's a good show people so take a note.

and on that note, i sign off!


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2009-08-05 12:36:28

FCY (First comment, yay).


2009-08-17 13:26:28

SC..F(Second Comment..F**k?)


2009-11-13 09:33:58

any madness coming soon?


2010-01-24 01:08:48

are you going to make any more madness?


2010-01-25 16:14:05

Look what I found;

Certain Madness

Madness Advancement

erixs responds:

haha, cool! too bad i can't understand russian or whatever so i can't navigate through the site :P