Hyperbolic Identity

2010-03-11 16:25:57 by erixs

hi all.

been working on a new flash for the past few days on a collaboration project named hyperbolic identity. this project is something i have wanted to do for a while but never got the chance to so i'm real glad that i finally can show something fully produced and ready to be released in this type of format. the project is already in the post production phase and there is only some cleaning up and music to be added so i expect it to be released next week.

so look out for it.
have a nice one. /mattias


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2010-03-12 02:41:00

YAY. when is it comin out.


2010-03-12 02:41:17


erixs responds:

i can't say for sure but monday, tuesday maybe... i hope! :P


2010-04-11 19:55:54

I love your animation! Expect a 5 from me!!!!!