long time no see...

2011-06-03 19:41:27 by erixs

hello guys. long time no see as the title suggests.
haven't been up to much flash for a while as can be confirmed by my last post which was done in april 2010.

however I'm going to release something now and it will be release tomorrow to be exact which is pretty nice. this is another HI episode which has been in production since october and which has finally been completed. there are only some minor tweaks to be done and late tomorrow i will submit it for your approval.

see you then.
best regards


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2011-06-03 20:26:36

Jesus christ! I thought you died or something. Well its great that your back. :D


2011-06-03 21:16:03

It's about time! I've been worried sick about you!
Now, that animation you're releasing... Madness related?


2011-06-19 14:18:25

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2012-02-08 21:47:50

You make some good madness animations you're quite skilled, keep it up :)