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ideas 4 new flash(es)

2009-07-20 06:45:07 by erixs

since i've posted past madness, a week ago or so, i have thought about what other project i will start on to keep my flash interest flourish. thought about making another madness thing but i will wait with that and do some other stuff instead.

ok. i will still do a madness inspired flash with my own graphics this time. i've started working on a flash (1000 frames so far) starring teddy bears as vicious killing machines (see picture). i like the idea of cuddly teddy bears going crazy and killing one another so i will work on that for a while.

i figured this would be my only project to work on for now but i've got another idea that i want to bring back to the table. i just watched my "leek and avokado" movies and thought i would try to do the third one in that installment. they're pretty funny actually and i want to try to make another one to take a little break from the pointless violence (like that isn't what "leek and avokado" is all about to :P). Nah, but that could be fun, i'll see where it goes.

in other news, i've just finished watching harper's island which was a pretty, pretty good show actually. i was real excited about it since i love the book "and then there were none" by agatha christie, a concept this show seemed to adopt so i gave it a fare chance and was quite happy with it. it had a pretty smart plot altogether although i did figure out who the killer was pretty early in the series but i didn't mind that since they got me to believe i was wrong by that assumption by the end. which really pissed me of at first 'cause i thought this guy was the best suitable character to be the killer since he had all the attributes for it and it fitted perfectly in the story but the writers turned it around and named him the killer in the end so that was nice, otherwise my judgment of the show would've been different. not because i would've been wrong but the other way didn't work for me at all. yeah yeah, but check it out, it's worth it, to bad it won't be a sequel :P

take care, will have you updated with l&a and teddy progress...

ideas 4 new flash(es)

Past Madness

2009-07-14 03:17:55 by erixs

so the flash is finally released :) i'm very happy with it, needless to say it is my best flash ever. i am a little disappointed with the score, though, since i hoped to have my first daily 1st place but what can you do.

now i figure i will take a break for a week or so and then begin with a new flash. probably i will try to do my own graphics this time, will see if that can give me higher score or whatever but it will still be in madness style, be so sure.

this one, i hope, won't take a year to finish and i will be posting more frequently here on newgrounds to give you the heads up. i will be back with a flash soon, will have a post out when i've begun with the new flash. 'till then, vote and enjoy Past Madness, there's other trophies to aim for ;)

good news :P

2009-07-12 07:18:16 by erixs

my last post predicted the release of my next flash to be on Madness Day but that won't be the case. i've thought about it and decided i will release this flash as fast as possible instead, without becoming sloppy at the very end of course.

the flash is in the last part of production and will be finished within a week. i won't release it before giving it a carefully studying of every detail of it to see to it that it gets the full attention it deserves before delivering it since it has been in production for a year now (not that i have been working on it for that long). to wait that long, i won't just throw it out there without being truly happy with it.

there's still some animations to be done but so far i'm really happy with it and it will become the best flash i've done so far. this is the last post before releasing it so look out for it and i'll give you a last sneak peak before the day. see ya (soon :P)

good news :P

new update

2009-07-07 11:10:36 by erixs

The lack of motivation has kept my madness project on hold for a while but i've started working on it again for real. I'm really excited this time 'cause i feel that now i will finally finish it before i go sour on it again. Also i have figured out the perfect ending for it so that will be something to look forward to. Will have it ready for Madness Day, be so sure!

new img

2009-04-14 07:36:58 by erixs

ok, new status report. i havent been doin flash that much since my last post but ive done somethin from time to time so its moving along and thats good. but i really dont have that much more to say so ill just post this img 4 u...

new img

doin somethin.

2009-03-28 18:47:14 by erixs

i'm siked over the new progress i've made with the new flash and it's really coming along nicely. even so, i realize that there's still a lot of work to be done before i have accomplished what i want to do with this flash but still i feel it.. maybe i will have it out in a couple of weeks but we will see but i will be posting here a lot more often then before to feed you with info, hope that will work out.. i'll see you..

yay, printscreen...

2009-03-24 14:30:55 by erixs

enjoy a quick glance. expect more.... :)

yay, printscreen...

finally :)

2009-03-18 01:48:35 by erixs

yeah, finally krinkels dropped the new madness movie and it was great. The best flash he've ever made with that truck scene and so on and so on, it was real great.
Me myself i've been starting to do some kind of flash work again in the middle of my studying. I don't want to see this as my come back but i'm working on something and perhaps will keep it up to a release this summer :)
So i will keep you posted. Have a nice one!


2008-09-04 11:36:33 by erixs

hi u.
i know that i, in my last post, said that i was once again involved in flash and was producing something to be submitted on newgrounds in the near future. but now i have lost the feel for it again... but i might add that i have done a fair bit of frames so far and it's nice.
the problem is to find time to be working on it. i have just started at chalmers university and that takes up all my time at the moment. not all of it of course but the rest tend to be spent on my girlfriend and that is much important than flash, isn't it.
but like i've said, i haven't got any time for flash as it is now. maybe i'll get some inspiration from time-to-time but it won't be finished in the nearest time period though.

adding a picture of the flash to show ya that i actually have been working on something...


back flash:ing again...

2008-08-08 06:11:33 by erixs

hi u.
my last post was somethin of a depressed segment calling upon the fact that i didnt had the feel for flash anymore. this one is different. i have now begun a new project that is once again madness inspired. so far i have done a fair 400 frames into it but i don't know when it will be done for sure but look out for it.
will c u...