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2008-05-03 07:53:19 by erixs

Hi y'all

i'm afraid that nothin is movin when it comes to flash for me at time. i've no ideas or concepts that i want to produce so there will not be any erixs animation for some time. we'll see if i can find somethin interestin to animate but until then, ive got nothin..

i'll see ya

Back in the game...

2008-02-13 09:00:17 by erixs


im back in the saddle after my failure at madness day. ive sucked it up and started to work on a new creation.

this one is a fully madness styled flash that i hope will work out just fine. some what short becuase i dont got the energy any more to be working on some 5 month project so... im just lazy!

yeah, thats it. it shouldn't take that long to finish. maybe next month or the month after or somethin like that.

watch out for it! mayhem!


2007-10-13 10:54:07 by erixs

Nah, indeed.
Not at all satisfied with my score on wicked immortality. Didn't expect that low of a score acctually.
Have lost some interest in flash after that, don't know what to do to top this.

Probably i will find some joy in flash and come back, but as it feels now: f*ck it!

one week left

2007-09-15 17:01:21 by erixs

nice, only one week left until madness day and the release of my flash, wicked immortality! with this day i hope to gain some recognition but im also curious what the other authors on ng can come up with on this great day.

hope to see nice and cool, bloody flashes next week then. teaser:

one week left

Wicked Immortality

2007-09-02 15:06:03 by erixs

my madness tribute is, more or less, finished but will have to wait for the upcoming madness day. will use this time to perfect the movie and will have it fit for fight, ready on the 22nd.

look out for it: wicked immortality!

Wicked Immortality

Madness Day 2007

2007-08-22 06:02:32 by erixs

today (maybe tomorrow, im not sure), i will release my flash to madness day.
maybe it is not the best movie ive done but it has flawless animations in it and it helps to build it to its awesome standard.

hope u like it. watch out for it (madness advancement)...